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About the gifts

My hand Quilled paper jewelry


Quilling has been  around for several centuries, I am pleased to share this art with you.  Quilling started in Europe and became popular during the 17th century in the monasteries and convents where they created masterpieces.  Quilling was done then with feather quills giving this art form its name. Now it is created with needles.  I am pleased to offer my unique paper quilled items- necklaces, pendants, and earrings. I offer two distinct types of quilled jewelry a more traditional style and more modern bold designs. Since they are paper they can be quite detailed and delicate. I offer my pieces in both matte and metallic finishes and I'm more than happy to create a custom piece for you. Prices vary depending on material and intricacy.  All jewelry comes In a handcrafted origami box . 

Organic salves and body products


I just love these products! I make them by hand from the best organic herbs I can find. In addition to all of the ingredients  being organic they are all natural with no chemicals or preservatives, nothing but good things for your skin! The oils I use are sweet almond and virgin olive oil.  The oil is infused with my herbs in the warm sunshine for a few months. In addition to Calendula, Rose Lavender I also have created some custom formula  salves such as headache, wound, and sleep. All containing blends of herbs that have been traditionally been used for these ailments. 

Knit and crochet items


I have been crocheting for over 25 years and am pleased to offer you my award winning items.  I have won many awards in both state and county fairs.  Items for sale will vary each season.  Come by to see what I have available. 

Origami Jewelry


Traditional Origami or "folded paper" has developed in many countries over the years from the traditional Japanese origami which got its start during he Edo period to the European paperfolding which flourished during the 17th and 18 centuries. I have 3 distinct types of origami- traditional folds and patterns, nature themed patterns in both modern and traditional fold techniques and a more modern style with bold colors and modern fold techniques.  Being made of paper these pieces can be a bit delicate, however I do coat many pieces with glaze to help give them a bit of resistance to water and wear.  I offer custom origami boxes for each piece of jewelry sold at our home location inside Speedy Copy.

About me


Hello I'm Angela and I have always loved to craft.  I am pleased to be able to offer some of my handcrafted creations to you. Since I make them I am happy to work with you to create the perfect gift for you.  If you see something you like please feel free to contact me.